Eden Garden Design Group

Eden Garden Design Group strives to achieve the most perfect balance between the architectural landscape and the interior design. We not only design for the aesthetics, and we also make sure it’s comfortable and homey for every family member. 

Eden Garden Design Group

Our Architectural Landscape and Interior Design together Contribute to A Perfect Balance

Borrowed view

large environment outside the courtyard is incorporated into the garden

Space Planning

Space and function planning, connected by moving lines


with different styles of landscapes to satisfy customers.( Leisure garden,Oriental garden)

Eden Garden Design Group

Eden Garden Design Group provides landscaping solutions to the San Fransisco Bay Area. With every designed landscape, our work promotes tranquility, relaxation, and beauty.

Our professional knowledge and rich experience have helped us create luxurious gardens that incorporate unique architecture, lighting, psychology, and ergonomics.

We started our business in 1996 in Taiwan and decided to bring our successful garden design to San Fransisco in 2007. Ever since then, we’ve helped many residents transform their land into  the garden of their dreams.

Browse our website to see our portfolio of landscapes and gardens we’ve had the honor and pleasure creating. All of them were designed in partnership with our customers to ensure their satisfaction.

Allow Eden Garden Design Group’s professional team of landscapers create a beautiful outdoor living space you will love.

Media Reports


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Eden Garden Design Group specializes in many landscapes and gardens. Due to the individualistic nature of each project, Zhu Jingjian invites you to contact him personally for information about your specific needs and desires.